In the Pipeline!

Now you might automatically think oil when you hear the word‘Pipeline’ or at least those of you living in the North East of Scotland might. As far as my research into Midmar through the ages goes, there are a lot of people living here who are involved in the oil and gas industry including Midmar Castle’s  more recent owners. 

But you might not be so familiar with ‘Maggie Laird’s spoot’,necessary because of the lack of a pipeline, albeit this time water! Just one of the stories evocative of days gone by.

From historical facts, to funny and sad stories, the information coming my way about Midmar through the ages is just so interesting, and I am very grateful to those of you who are taking the time to share them with me. Keep them coming!

It’s fast becoming apparent that the subtitle of this book should be ‘Fact, Fiction and Fairy tales’! Watch this space!

Research for another project reveals a connection between the discovery of the blackstuff in a country far removed from Scotland, and the owners, then and now, of a ‘big hoose’ in this area. It’s proving to be a compellingly interesting story from ‘Flying Fleas’ to silver bicycles and a man who could still shoot after losing an arm in the flight from Flanders.

The autumn round of talks has come to an end now, and as usual, I met some really interesting people, quite a lot of whom had connections with Douneside for some reason or other. Many have mentioned that their relatives who went to Alastrean to recuperate from the traumas of their service in the second World War, felt that the peace and tranquillity, good food and the country air, played a huge part on their road to recovery.

Douneside is also a haven of peace where the food proffered to guests is absolutely superlative!  I had the pleasure of telling the MacRobert story to a small gathering over lunch,arranged in conjunction with the Tarland Food and Music Festival. Suitably replete, there followed a tour of the magnificent gardens conducted by the young gardeners who were passionate about their role in nurturing the environment, originally an aim of Georgina and brought to fruition by Lady Rachel MacRobert.

The MacRobert story is only one of many concerning Tarland and the surrounding area.

The Cromar History Group will next year celebrate 25 years of recording the history of the area and sharing the stories with the wider community through its publication of ‘Echoes from Cromar’s Past’. This year’s edition is available from the second week in December and is a bumper edition!

Just to let you know that Deeside Books, that gem of a shop in Ballater (and not only for booklovers – great selection of gifts and cards too) stocks my book ‘Cawnpore to Cromar – The MacRoberts of Douneside’. Visit their website and their Facebook page.

Thank you too, to Finzean Farm Shop for being loyal stockists.

There is no reason why the book should be unavailable but if you’re unsuccessful in sourcing it, please do contact me as I always keep a stock. It’s available on Amazon too in book form and electronically. See the stockists section for a full list.

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May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy time over Christmas and good health and happiness in the coming year.