Cawnpore to Cromar – The MacRoberts of Douneside

The appeal of this book transcends the boundaries of the North East of Scotland where Douneside is located. Set against the political, social and economic situation between the years 1854 and 1954, it delves into the foundation of the story – Sir Alexander’s business interests in India, his first marriage to Georgina whose work with the native Indians was crucial to his success, and after her death, his marriage to the feisty American, Rachel Workman.

In both World Wars, they played very different parts in the support of Britain and her allies, and influenced agriculture at home and in India. They experienced both triumph and tragedy, yet despite having no heirs to succeed them, their charitable efforts continue.

Today, more than 60 years after Lady Rachel MacRobert’s death, and following the ethos of the family, the MacRobert Trust, one of Britain’s major charitable Trusts still helps make a difference to the lives of many. ‘Cawnpore to Cromar’ is the story behind the Trust.

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