Tarland and the Howe of Cromar

WW1 Exhibition in the MacRobert Hall

This is another part of Aberdeenshire whose history makes compelling reading. Since 1994, the Cromar History Group has produced a publication, now called ‘Echoes from Cromar’s Past’ which brings together stories, maps and photos of the area.

The Group is also engaged in putting together an amazing digitalised record of photos available online and continually developing.


Marion is currently secretary of the group and when researching ‘Cawnpore to Cromar’, became interested in the way agriculture has evolved in the Howe over the years.

Have you any memories to share please? You might not think they are important but these stories are also helping to build a picture of the social history of the area.

Links you may find useful:-  Cromar History Group & Tarland Website